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The Beginning, 1918
The College of Divine Metaphysics was organized in 1918 as the realization of a dream held by Dr Joseph Perry Green, one of the early pioneers in the Metaphysical movement in America. In order to raise money to establish the College, Dr Green traveled from city to city, giving lectures and holding classes. Many of our alumni gained their first knowledge of Metaphysics in those early gatherings.

Dr Green
With courage born of great faith, he ventured into unknown territory and set up the standard of Truth. But during his journeys around the country, he started to realize the impossibility of personally reaching all the people who were ready for his teachings. Covering the expense of bringing the message in person became too great a challenge. Yet Dr Green knew many people around the country were ready for this newer revelation of Truth.

Out of this need, the College of Divine Metaphysics was born. This same appeal to those who want to know more about metaphysics philosophy has kept the College in continuous operation ever since.

In 1924 Dr Green assigned the extension work to Dr William H. Woodfin who, at that time, was Director-General of the Church of Divine Metaphysics. The next year Dr Green’s itinerary kept him away from the College for some time and he resigned.

1925 to 1945
In 1925, Dr Woodfin was elected to fill the office of director after Dr Green resigned. Dr Woodfin held this position until his death in 1945. In the first seven years, the Institution had not grown much; it became apparent that if the school was to fulfill its purpose and become an important factor in the Metaphysical movement, some changes in program and methods of operation must be made.

College of Divine Metaphysics seal With the training and experience gained in his many years of organization work, Dr Woodfin outlined his plan. He first sought to establish a policy that would be stable and permanent for the purpose of creating confidence and assurance among the students. Next, he moved to broaden the influence of the school and to bring it to the attention of those most interested. Dr Woodfin's unquenchable faith in the rightness of his goals sustained his efforts.

He gradually laid the foundation for a global outreach. At no time during the long term of his Administration did he swerve or deviate from his ideal for teaching sound principles of Truth. Refusing opportunities to compromise, he held true to his ideals and to the course that ultimately led the College to its goal for expansion.

1945 to 1977
As years passed, it became increasingly important that the school have its own home, and a building was purchased in 1944. It housed the College work and was well adapted to its needs. After Dr Woodfin passed away, his assistant, Dr Ruth M. Hurley, became president. She continued the work of the College until the late 1950s when Dr. Henry Carns became president.

Dr Henry A. Carns became the College’s fourth president at its location in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1969 the College moved from Illinois Street to Delaware Street. For over twenty years Dr Carns propagated the message for which the College stood; as a result, the school's message found its way to Metaphysical students around the world.

1977 to 1991
On December 1, 1977, Dr Carns retired. At this time, the College and the Church of Divine Metaphysics closed in Indianapolis. In 1978, the Alumni Association of the College of Divine Metaphysics of the Church of Divine Metaphysics was incorporated in the State of California as a nonprofit religious and educational corporation. The Association resumed operations of the College under its fifth president, Dr Joseph A. Garduno, a graduate of the College and a chaplain. Dr Garduno lived in Glendora, California. The College vice-president and advisor, Dr Virginia Means, lived in Pasadena.

Dr Garduno (known by students as Dr Joe) began a service for prisoners, offering courses to those incarcerated in American prisons for half price. In 1990, Dr Garduno's daughter, Penelope Privette, began serving as his secretary.

1991 to 2006
In 1991, Dr Garduno engaged Ann Gordon, one of the school's students, to edit and update the College courses and promotional materials. Dr Gordon is a teacher, consultant, editor, and published writer with a Bachelor's degree in English, a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Ph.M. degree from the College of Divine Metaphysics. In 2002, she built this website to help spread the word about the courses and programs offered by the College. She started the Online Division to work with students who preferred email to postal mail.

After Dr Virginia Means passed away, Dr Gordon expanded her role to become the College Advisor. In 2004 she became Director of the Online Division and the Vice-President of the College.

In 2006, Dr Garduno moved from California to Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, the land where he was born and raised. He moved the headquarters of the College with him. Dr Gordon continued to direct the school from her home office in Utah.

Celebrating 100 years2018
In 2018 the College celebrated its 100 year anniverary, an important milestone and a great achievement. Its strong studentbody and global interest have fulfilled the dreams of both Dr Green and Dr Woodfin. But sadly, Dr Joe Garduno, 90 years old, passed away in January. In his absence,Dr Gordon continues to head the Online Division, helping students around the world to earn their certificates, degrees, and ordination in Divine Metaphysics.

The College of Divine Metaphysics has students and aspirants in many countries. Our hope is that the school's True teachings will continue to have a positive impact on the world community.

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