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Free Course Catalog for the Online Division:
Send us an email to request a free course catalog. The catalog and registration form contain graduation requirements and tuition costs for all courses offered by the Online Division of The College of Divine Metaphysics. The catalog and registration form include graduation requirements and tuition cost for all courses.

* To request your course catalog through email, write to Ann at ann@gordoncomputer.com or ann@divinemetaphysics.org. We will send you PDF versions of the catalog and registration form as attachments in a return email.

(Note: We respect your privacy! We will never share your email address with others! Ever.)

* It saves money and paper when you request your course catalog via email, but if you prefer to request a course catalog by postal mail, send a letter to:

Ann Gordon
College of Divine Metaphysics
P O Box 910
Moab, Utah 84532

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Send us your question about our courses or programs and we'll answer right away!

Please Note: If you have a question for Joe Garduno, particularly about student records before 2004, you need to write a letter to Dr Joe at: P O Box 285, Arroyo Hondo, NM 87513. Dr Joe does not use email, so we cannot forward emails to him.

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